The Throat Chakra – Communication and CreativityThe Throat Chakra – Communication and Creativity

The fifth chakra represents our creative identity and is based on the ways we express ourselves. The essence of this chakra is finding resonance and harmony with all that is vibrating around us.
Is related to the neck, throat, mouth, jaw and tongue, and its element is “sound” (ether).

Through our upbringing the expression of our natural Self normally has not been supported or even got repressed, and therefore we learned to relate to the world through the mask of our personality and our belief system.

When we learn to give space to our inner reality and to express our truth, we become able to consciously communicate with the outside world, finding the right words and the right expression that make a real meeting possible.

Clear communication is directly related to creativity. When I start reconnecting with my inside and bring myself out clear, through my words, actions and presence, I am no longer enslaved by my conditioning and the events that happen in my life. I take responsibility and start recreating my reality.


In this module we will:

  • Deepen the awareness of our inner world, through Listening In and Expressing out. We learn to listen to what is happening inside, being grounded and centered in order to be able to allow what is happening to move and be expressed.
  • Open to speak and listen, toning and singing, moving and dancing – opening our innate creativity to express our deeper self in an authentic and spontaneous way.
  • Learn about the steps of conscious Communication, discovering simple and effective tools to bring Clarity and Presence into Communication.
  • Look attentively into the structure of our beliefs and the unconscious patterns and ideas we carry about ourselves and our relationship to life.
  • Understand how Communication can support the creation of the life I long for.


The developmental period of the fifth Chakra occurs mostly between the ages of seven and twelve, when language has been formed and we are able to use symbols to reach beyond our immediate experience.

When we learn to work with communication in a playful and conscious attitude we open our voice to speak our truth and free our creativity – we connect, expand and unite with others, re-creating our world.

The Throat Chakra

7 – 12 June 2019

Workshop will take place in Buchov, Postupice near Prague (Czech Republic).
Beginning on Friday 7 June in the evening. Ending on Wednesday 12 June after lunch.

The price is 440 EUR (VAT included) if the deposit is paid before 7 May. After this date the price is 470 EUR (VAT included). For reservation deposit of 170 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price does not include accomodation and food, which is paid separately on site. For accomodation it is 250 CZK/night on the mattress in your own sleeping bag or 350 CZK in the bed with bedding. Food is for 320 CZK/day

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