Training for Life

The Training for Life is a process of learning and understanding the different dimensions of being alive. The aim of the work is to open your full potential as a human being and to be able to apply your inner discoveries into daily life.
This is a deep and transformative journey of self-discovery, where you explore the connection between your inner experiences and the outer world.

The Training for Life is structured in seven modules of five days each. In each module we focus on one energy center, exploring the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of that center.

The work follows the coherent map of the chakra system and the developmental stages of human consciousness. The approach is a dynamic balance between scientific understanding and evolutionary spirituality, bringing together new discoveries of neuroscience and meditation practices.

We investigate in-depth the many aspects of being human, by moving through all levels of experiences: Survival and manifestation; emotional flow and connection; power and energy; love and relationship; communication and creativity; inner-vision and intuition; consciousness and life purpose.

Through this training you learn to embody an integral system of human consciousness and the ways to apply it in life.

That gives you powerful skills to work with yourself and with others, and connects you with your natural capacity to relate in a deeper, more loving and conscious way – with yourself, with partners, family, friends, clients, employees, co-workers, and with the collective structures and organizations of your culture and the world.
An important aspect of the Training for Life is the ambient of trust, love, and support, which is created through the work.

We use a broad variety of therapeutic methods, group dynamics, and sharing structures in order to create a healing and learning field for the body, mind, heart, and soul.

The training is designed in a way that you can start the cycle of chakras from any module.
Each module is complete in itself and can be also attended individually.

We look forward to sharing this space with you.




For me it is not so much Training for life, but Training for love.

Through the Training for life I wanted to understand more about myself, but I have found out that the more I know about myself, the more I know also about the others and life for which I am very grateful. For me it is not so much Training for life, but Training for love, which is so very important in our lives.


For me it was a creation of new supporting family. Thank the universe for bringing us together.

What gave me the Training for Life? It changed my life. For several years I came together with people who wanted to change something on themselves, with friends with the same intention, wishing to move and feel better – for me it was a creation of new supporting family in which I had a sense of security and trust, a place where I could express my wounds and fears, where I could yell when the pain was unbearable and cry without anyone judging me. I’m happy for the fact that I went through the whole training. Each chakra is different and comprehensive training gave me insight into my weak places – where something scrubs and where something needs to heal. I am still in contact with members of my substitute family, and whenever I meet someone, it’s like meeting a brother or sister with whom I lived through a lot and whom I really like, even though we are all completely different. Komala’s and Khushru’s way of working was also a great inspiration. Cooperation between male and female principles of that I draw a lot in my life. Thank the universe for bringing us together and thank you for your intention to form such Training. With love Šárka


Right now I feel very much connected to my mission in this world. My life at the moment is an intense experience.

The training has given me the space to expand my learning abilities and to get more intimately in touch with my own life as well as with other people. I treasure what I learned about meditation from you – it helped me realize that I am able to contain what is happening from a different perspective. Working with you actually changed my attitude towards meditation – I enjoy it a lot more now than before – it is now more a space for adventure and exploration rather than something that I should do. (Amused, I realize now that the same is true for my life.)

And most importantly, I realized that outside workshops, life itself is a place where I can learn every moment, like a fascinating book that I am reading. Learning in itself then takes on a fresh and exciting new meaning, it becomes very much alive and boundless.

I enjoyed the sense of spiritual community, support and magic that was present in the trainings.

It really helped me to be able to see other people and to see how connected we are as human beings.

And the fact that the training is spread in time gives me guidance on my way, and space to appreciate the qualities of the chakras.

Working with the body has expanded my awareness and given me a lot of inspiration and tools, which I can integrate with my own experience, my knowledge, my other training and the way I work with people.

I enjoyed the care that you put into making our space beautiful and inspiring, the colours and music at the trainings.

I am very grateful for the depth, the dance, the joy, as well as the mystery and the unknown that was present with us.


It’s amazing how you can accompany me to my inner landscape – kindly and patiently. Knowing, what does it mean to feel peace.

Your Training, although I’m still missing 7th modul “in the collection”, brought me to life a sense of wholeness. It’s amazing how you can accompany me to my inner landscape – kindly and patiently. This I appreciate most of all. The frightened girl is hatching out into a strong woman. Failures are already not a disaster and the changes are welcome. And I’m happy with myself in silence. Knowing, what does it mean to feel peace.


I am smiling, when i am thinking at you .. really, i can't stop smiling.

Whenever I remember chakra courses, i can not stop smiling. I am smiling, when i am thinking at you .. really, i can’t stop smiling (it is not only inner-smile but i am almost laughing now). Attending Training for Life helps me to be more aware of my body. I am able to perceive it and not run away when discomfort comes. It helps me to be aware of the moment, when mind starts to chase its own tail.

I did evening kundalini meditation week before, when i was laying down during final part, I felt you be with me – Komala, you hold my legs firmly pressing calf bones to ground, Kushru you sat behind top of my head, i had my head almost in your lap. I remember I was not surprised in that moment, I noticed your presence and was sensing space (existence) of my body.

Next morning i was thinking – did i asleep during meditation and was dreaming? Why i did not thank them for visiting me? It was nice to be touch. – I can tell you now: Thank you for touch!