The training is designed in a way that you can start the cycle of chakras from any module. Each module is complete in itself and can be also attended individually.

For more information about specific modules, click below.


Base Chakra Nourishing the Roots
Survival instincts, Grounding, Vitality, Health, Wealth, Basic fears
Sacral Chakra Feelings, Flow and Connection
Emotional identity, Sensuality, Pleasure, Desire, Sexuality, Needs
Solar Plexus The Power of Being
Will, Decisiveness, Autonomy, Assertiveness, Originality, Joy, Enthusiasm, Uniqueness
The Heart Chakra Love, Relationship and Intimacy
Acceptance, Tenderness, Empathy, Compassion, Balance of opposites, Relating
The Throat Chakra Communication and Creativity
Expression, Resonance, Harmony, Vibration, Clear communication, Novelty
The Third Eye Inner Vision and Intuition
Ability to see and perceive, Clarity, Vision, Imagination, Psychic abilities, Insights, Dreams
The Crown Chakra Consciousness. Spirituality and Life Purpose
Wisdom, Universal identity, Understanding, Inspiration, Spiritual connection


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